80 year’s Interior Design Experience

Everyone dreams of their perfect space. Few have the time or skills to fully create it. At Ashton House Design, we have the resources, knowledge & flair to meet any challenge you throw at us.

Ashton House Design are a talented group of interior designers with 80+ years’ combined design experience across multiple disciplines. Working as a team, we transform your environment and your quality of life through original thinking and minute attention to detail. The aim is always to provide you with a space you’re as excited to live in as we were creating it.

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We love what we do. And we live by it.

We’re proud of our West Country roots but our viewpoint and experience is local and global. Most of us are ex-London and we’re always out and about at the shows, keeping up with the latest industry developments. We draw inspiration from trends, but we’re not led by them. If it fits, it’s fine, whenever, wherever it’s from. Good style is of its time, but also timeless.

We believe…

  1. It’s a privilege not to be taken lightly when you allow us in to your home.
  2. Interior design is a talent to be used wisely & considerately.
  3. Quality speaks. Don’t compromise on it.
  4. Great design elevates. Mediocre thinking constricts.
  5. We must always aim for authentic, grounded and relevant.
  6. Interior design should fulfil its purpose beautifully.
  7. Functionality and aesthetics carry equal weight.

At Ashton House Design we offer you creative vision backed by solid practical experience and a proven record of delivering for clients, both private and commercial.

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