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Interior design is a collaborative process. When you engage Ashton House Design you procure a team of professional designers, negotiators and planners. Our consistent and considerate team engage with you deeply on your project. As interior design consultants we aim to be involved early on in a project, often working alongside your architect.

We establish just how interior spaces can come to life and how they will be used in real terms.

The way you live and work is affected deeply by the environment in which you spend time. We have seen lives and businesses reenergised and transformed after completing our work.


What we do


After taking a brief, we address the design issues of interest to you. Our design time can be used for space planning, the arrangement of rooms, site visits, electrical and lighting plans, positioning radiators, designing bathrooms and kitchens, choosing finishes, designing joinery, decorating schedules (paints and wallpapers), selecting furniture, window furnishings, rugs, lamps, art and objects.

At this stage we are regularly invited to offer guidance and support to contractors.

Our time fee for this work is estimated at the outset.


What we do

Create & Deliver

We can implement all of our ideas and designs as a supply and install service. This might involve a detailed shopping list, sourcing of items and the ordering of bespoke furnishings.

With a proven track record in the industry, we have built up a wide and varied address book of contacts and suppliers both locally and further afield. We work alongside reliable and talented suppliers here in the West Country and are proud of our “Made in Devon” credentials.

All of our suggestions will be presented as a detailed written estimate.


Beautiful joinery is pivotal in some interior schemes, so this is an area we’re reluctant to relinquish to others. Our recommendations for joinery embrace visual examples, plan layouts and concept sketches. Detailed workshop drawings are delegated only to those joinery firms we have no hesitation in recommending. Their skills, coupled with our guidance to defend our clients’ interests, guarantee results that always delight.


What is a typical interior design project like?

We are fortunate enough to work on a variety of projects – with clients in both the residential and commercial sectors. Whether designing an award-winning spa or home design we find that our multidisciplinary approach stands us in good stead. A typical design project might see us giving design advice alongside architects, establishing our involvement early on as an integral part of the client’s design team. We give attention to delivery timescales, budget and of course all of the interior design elements within our design service.

What happens in the first consultation meeting?

We prefer to have a consultation face to face and usually as a home visit in order to get a feel for the extent of the design help required, to understand our client’s style and preferences, and to have properly viewed the space we are being asked to makeover. Following on from this we invite clients into our interior design studio for further discussions and presentations.

How will an interior designer work alongside my architect?

As designers, we relish the opportunity to share the design process with an appointed architect and see this as an integral part of our interior design service. Whether a new home, new build or refurbishment, the interior architecture will be greatly enhanced with the expertise from both professions. We offer a hands-on approach to our projects and are as happy on site explaining details on floor plans, flooring, kitchens and bathrooms, as we are back in our studio, designing electrical layouts, furniture plans, choosing furnishings, fabrics, furniture, sofas and all of the styling ideas that go into the creation of a successful scheme.

How do I choose between the many interior design styles?

We ask our clients to consider the styling of interiors that they might be drawn to. This could be collated on a Pinterest Board or might be a particular in-house project on our website.  Gathering appealing imagery will really help to define and identify an interior style, after all a picture conveys a thousand words. We’re not asking for clients to redesign the interior design project themselves, merely identify with a concept, a style of décor, a particular sofa, a fabric or similar, the slightest morsel sets us on a design path.

From this initial debate, we usually form an interior design style that suits both client and project. We might then collate a shopping list of ‘can’t live withouts’, ‘likes and dislikes’ and so on.

There’s certainly a heightened interest in all things interior post Covid, and the plethora of information out there can be overwhelming. At AHD we guarantee to navigate you through the process and you will be guaranteed a very personalised approach to your project.


How do you present your interior design concept and ideas?

In the comfort of our interior design studio in Ashburton. We are well placed, geographically, to serve the entire South West region. Many clients conveniently pause en route from the London area for a coffee or informal lunch to discuss their project from the comfort of our legendary ‘Made in Devon’ sofas and chairs.

We can fully explain and present our design services and our design concepts for a project at this meeting. We will present our room designs on screen, as technical drawings and sketches, as moodboards, and at the same time discuss budget considerations.

Our studio is home to a cavernous collection of Design Companies and individuals work, all that we have collated and honed over the decades of our interior designing.

A good interior designer will be quantified by their client testimonials – read ours on our project pages.


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