How we work with you

You’re the boss. We’re the inspiration providers.

The way you live and work is affected deeply by the environments you spend most of your time in. As interior designers, we’ve seen lives and businesses re-energised after completing our work. On the flip side, people often come to us to fix expensive mistakes that could so easily have been avoided with the right approach from the start.

It’s your space

When you hire Ashton House Design you get a team of professional and considerate designers, negotiators and planners, who engage with you deeply, to find out exactly what you want. It’s a collaborative process – your desires and needs, informed by our ideas and skills. It’s our job to challenge you, stretch your initial brief and show you options you may not have considered. Because we’re multidisciplinary, you’ll find an enormous freedom exploring the resources available to us and our expertise across a wide range of design areas.

Scoping your project

At our initial meeting we establish your priorities, any dilemmas you’re facing, and your preferences for style & colour. We ask quite a few questions, to determine project aims and form a picture of what makes you, the people close to you, or your customers, tick. We’ll clearly explain the extent of our services and the potential scope of our involvement.

We’re often called in by clients and architects at the planning stage to form the project design team. Attention to the fundamental elements ensures your project starts on the correct footing and stays there. Amongst other things, we’ll discuss with you:

  • space planning for optimal layouts
  • bathroom and kitchen options
  • lighting design
  • floor and wall finishes
  • window treatments
  • unique furniture proposals
  • fabrics
  • wallpapers and paints

From brief to finish

Once you’ve instructed us, we’ll address design tasks as required and then invite you into our showroom to present our proposals. This is just the first stage. Getting things right is a two-way process. Depending on our role, we can organise everything from sourcing to installation, working closely with other specialists involved in your project along the way.

Clear 2-stage process

1. Design

After taking your brief, we address the design issues of interest to you. The time fee charged for this work is estimated at the outset.

2. Project installation

At this stage, we implement all the ideas and design plans. This could involve a large shopping list, sourcing items and project managing the various trades needed to bring everything together. This is presented as a detailed estimate.

Flexible approach

You need a piece for a specific space.

We source or commission bespoke.

Your home has huge potential.
You have no time.

We project manage start to finish.

You have definite ideas about what
you want.

We help you realise your vision.

You don’t know where to start.

We’ll guide you along the right path.

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