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Hire us to create environments that increase sales, attract repeat customers and help you retain great people.

Considered interior design offers superb return on investment. Inspiring spaces energize your customers, turn them into your ambassadors, and reassure them that they are in the hands of professionals. Successful companies embrace the idea that branding and user experience needs to be consistent across all communication. Interior design should be at the heart of this thinking – it’s the space where your customers actually experience your brand. The look, feel and atmosphere of your business should reflect and promote your company ethos.

Ashton House Design have strong experience in the commercial sector. Three recent examples of this approach in practice…

Spa Design

The exacting demands of spa design – seeking to harmonize operational and aesthetic criteria – makes this a really challenging and rewarding sector of our industry, in which we are proficient. These projects call upon all our creativity to create interior havens that stand out, in a rapidly increasing market place.

Ilsington Pool & Spa

‘It’s attracted universal high praise. From a commercial point of view, it’s increased our profile and raised revenue.’

Orthodontic Practice

‘A modern interior design, appropriate to a period property. Excellent response from staff and patients.’

Voyage Spa

‘I have no hesitation in recommending Ashton House Design to anyone in the top end hospitality business.’

It’s good for your team, too

Everybody talks a good game about communication, but that’s what interior design is all about. If you can’t communicate, you can’t interpret people’s wishes and personal dreams, or create interiors that act as motivators. Spaces are reflections of lives, values, histories and aspirations. They’re also changers of moods. For business, this is vital – the right space can increase your team’s productivity while putting potential clients at ease.

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