Devon Life Magazine Advertorial – July Edition 2016

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Definition of an interior designer:


Window dresser

spatial planner

technician of style

psychologist in your


taste inquisitor

space saver

number cruncher.


An accountant

an administrator

a cushion plumper

a pillow fluffer.

The advisor of trips

the negotiator of traps

the smoother of suppliers

the furnisher of soft things

and selector of fine floors.


The ‘just-so’ lighting adjustor

the difference-of-opinion lighting conductor

(aka marriage guidance counsellor).


The art selector of what’s right, not ‘right now’

the bathroom cabinet declutterupper

the maker of beds you have to lie in

the occasional flower arranger

the constant rearranger

the itinerant junkshop junkie

the itinerary perfector

the interpreter of needs

the searcher of one-offs

the connector of ‘want’ and ‘got’

the recipe finder and folder

the till-you-drop shopping advisor.


The – when the lights are dimmed

and the curtains pulled,

or any other metaphor

of final analysis –

one whose job it is

to think about the things

you think you like

and test the things

we think you might.

Because you’ll

have to live with them.

After all, this is,

and always will be,

your space,

for life.

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