BIID Inside Knowledge 2018

As a long standing BIID member, I always enjoy my pilgrimage to the annual conference, held this year at 30 Euston Square.

It is a great opportunity to mix with fellow professionals, meet some industry partners and not least, to catch up with my favourite college tutor, Iris Dunbar!

This professional day serves as a great reminder about our role as interior designers, and how privileged we all are to be working in the design world.

An early conversation will always give us the opportunity to stake a claim for our role in a project. Nobody quite drills down into the whys and wherefores of our homes and interior spaces like we do! How you live, what activities take place, how many you have for Christmas – it all needs to be taken into account when planning any interiors’ design. We take on the role of an actor – playing out the inhabitant in the home or hotel we’re designing – we really do live and breathe our projects!

As professional interior designers we make it our business to ensure that the building is ready for us. The bones of the architecture need to function properly – the ergonomics, the doors, the architectural ironmongery, the lighting, the floor finishes etc. It is imperative to establish the correct order of things – you can’t plan lighting without an indepth knowledge of how the space is going to be used and how the furniture will be arranged. Get these questions answered early on, plan the spaces and the rest will follow.

I became a member of the BIID back in the 90’s, but for me it has always been a team effort. Interior design is a collaborative process, and here at Ashton House Design we believe in sharing this experience. We will always invite our clients into our studio, here in Ashburton. Here we can spend time together, getting to know one another, exploring the resources we have at our fingertips in our studio. Time spent both here and in our client’s home/business gets the best results – it’s a process that evolves.

Ultimately, we design for our clients – this isn’t about imposing all of our ideas – it’s about the collaboration.

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