Interior Design Post Lockdown

The dawn of a new interiors era is emerging post lockdown. Having all spent more time than ever in our homes, we now need to re-evaluate, reorganise and refresh our interior spaces. The home has been re-established, quite rightly, as a place that sits at the very heart of our lives, pivotal to all that we do and how we behave within it.

This isn’t just about what you have, it’s how your space interacts with you and you with it. Placing value on a space and what it gives back to you is central – not because it has designer or luxury brands within it, more that the interior allows, even promotes,  a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. A home that positively encourages friends and family to imbibe will, in turn, impart memorable experiences. All of this is made possible by the unique surroundings and environment of our individual spaces.

The New Luxury

Interior Design can encourage ‘togetherness’. This means less time spent on devices, more time sitting, talking, socialising and relaxing. This is the luxury bit – a home that is going to work for you on many different levels. Achieving this is complex. Meeting the demands of a family will be multi-dimensional as a home may need to expand and contract within a matter of minutes without major upheaval.  From adding home working rooms, to creating nurturing spaces of retreat, we all want something more post lockdown. For this to happen, spaces need to be versatile, multi functional, adaptable, tactile and above all, user friendly.

21st Century Design

As part of our 21st century design ethos, we find ourselves far more conscious of the provenance of the things we own and choose to invest in. This isn’t only about the longevity of design. After all, style doesn’t have an expiry date as far as I’m aware! We always strive for quality in all that we research and put forward. It’s true to say that trends will come and go, but style will evolve, a current love of the tropics, of exotic birds and animals, might find you gasping for a more serene scene some years down the line, so plan interior makeovers with some thought. That said, a refresh on a decorative scheme will always find favour and is at once uplifting and invigorating – just what we need at the present time!

The Backstory

A growing scepticism for ostentatious luxury – too many well-know brands and too much ‘show’ – sees a trend towards smaller, more localised labels and services that not only support The South West, but also celebrate the individual, the bespoke and the unique. Our clients are now positively interested in where and how things are made. This is a journey for us all, of how that feature table, ottoman or armchair has ended up occupying centre stage in a home. Most furnishings have a story worth sharing.

Made in Devon

We’ve made it our business to immerse ourselves in our locality and all of the wonderful talent to be found here – we’ve coined the “Made in Devon” phrase for many of our all time favourite furnishings. In turn this allows our clients to play a very real part in the design journey and to have an insight into how we set about making a house into a home. The process of production is one that so many have become disconnected with. At Ashton House Design, there are opportunities to connect with the process, enjoy the customisation and celebrate individuality – all whilst ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and paid a liveable wage.

On a recently completed project, our clients were so taken with all of the unusual and bespoke furnishings curated for their home that we were asked to collate a catalogue outlining the provenance/backstory of the stand out furnishings. A fascinating list resulted – a far cry from high street or internet purchases – allowing us all to appreciate a process that really connected everyone with the project.

Country Living

A realisation that many of us can now work successfully from home has resulted in an enormous demand for country living. The luxury of outside space being the most sought after! This isn’t always about the latest home cinema or wet room (although who says we can’t have them too) –  it’s more to do with inside/outside spaces, spaces that merge seamlessly. We’re back, once more, to the flexibility and multi-functionality that our homes need to offer.

Ultimately, a home that delivers on shared experience is the most luxurious of them all. Be the place that makes memories, that delivers on shared experience and that feeds togetherness. Rethink luxury right now! Step away from branded goods and gadgetry to a home that expresses itself through style, space, ergonomics and provenance.


Q: Have you seen any change in clients needs?

A: Yes, clients are scrutinising their homes like never before. This is about getting the most out of your home at a time when our homes mean everything to us.

Q: If many continue to work from home, how can we help?

A: We are extremely well placed to reorganise and re-evaluate interior spaces. Homes now need to accommodate home study spaces, often for numerous occupants  – spaces need to be multi functional.

Q: Any hints on colour trends for the Autumn/Winter?

A: My personal favourites for the new season are strong tobaccos and tans, these can be paired with pink beige or dusky heather. Keep your ceilings dark if you dare!

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