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Investing in your child’s bedroom is an investment in their future. Aside from the immediate pleasure to both parents and child, a well-designed room that positively encourages your child to spend time in it, can only enhance the feel-good factor in a family home.

A tidy bedroom will bring a sense of calm, but in order to create this joyous environment, “systems” need to be in place. Start with clothes – a wardrobe with space for a collection to evolve. Double height hanging will usually suffice, and ensures twice the amount of storage. Clothes dividers for shelves and drawers will allow for rolling, folding and pairing. Add to this a labelling system so that youngsters see at a glance where everything belongs.

Ensure the bed earns its space as both sleeping and storage. Introducing roll-out baskets or drawers that allow one to access their contents with the greatest of ease – perfect for beds with a generous undercarriage. An Ashton House Design favourite is the ottoman bed. Effortless opening will reveal a vast space underneath – storage within a part of the bed that is usually a void – what’s not to love! The construction of these beds means they are upholstered – so chose textural linen for an easy, timeless and understated style.

Furnish this bed with some seriously tactile bedding. Choose soft linen in chalky tones – good enough for us grownups. Lead by example and maybe, just maybe, they’ll make their beds look as good as ours? Include large cushions against the canvas of an upholstered headboard. Loose cover the headboard with an ‘on-trend’ pictorial print that is easily changed. Layer up the foot of the bed with a light quilt or chunky knitted throw and make this the bed that dreams are made of!

Enhance a desk/work zone with corkboards, pinboards, pegboards, magnetic boards, chalkboards or whiteboards – anything ending in a “board” seems to fit this remit. Encourage your children to display, collect and organise. From a series of hooks, they can suspend baskets or pots in which to organise pens, pencils and brushes. Keep clutter up off the desk surface where possible. Apply similar storage solutions to girls’ dressing tables with drawers and baskets to accommodate the vast array of accessories, make-up and jewellery.

Creativity is to be positively encouraged. Provide the space and the materials and the inclination may follow. A place to display their creations comes by way of the numerous boards. Include a wall-mounted roll of craft paper and give them carte blanche to create.

Keep flooring warm and tactile with layers of woven wool carpet and sumptuous sheepskins. Easy seating of the same will offer a cosy reading nook or two. Blend task with ambient lighting and make this truly a room for different times of day, seasons and activities.

And to quote yet more satisfied Ashton House Design clients:-

“Winner, winner chicken dinner” from the child, and “Thank you so much to you and your team for all your hard work. I can see how much the environment really impacts on behaviour” from the parent.

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