Manor Magazine Advertorial – Spring Edition 2016

The business

Each month, Michelmores shines the spotlight on an inspiring South West business it works with, to uncover the real people behind the success. This month, we meet husband and wife team Simon Bantock and Caroline Palk, founders of the interior design business Ashton House Design. They reveal how they grew their business from scratch, and now manage some of the most exciting interior design projects in the South West and around the world.

Tell us about your business

Caroline: “It all started in 1991 – in the midst of the early 90s recession. Simon and I were both in the interior design industry and we met whilst working for a furniture company in London.

After a few years, I was drawn back to Devon – where I grew up – and decided it was time to set up my own interiors business. Starting off small, we bought premises in Ashburton and began working with one client, who is still a client today. Simon carried on working in London, commuting for a few more years. Until one day, we decided we had more than enough work coming in for us both to work in the business full time.

We were suddenly running some really big projects from our small office, with a shared telephone and fax machine between the two of us. Things grew steadily and 25 years on, our team offer a range of services from creating bespoke furniture, consulting on smaller redecoration projects, right through to the complete management of large residential or commercial projects in the UK and abroad. We also work in the relatively niche area of spa design and right now we’re working on a really exciting renovation project at The Village Inn at Thurlestone Hotel in Thurlestone.”

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