New Beginnings

January would normally herald a visit to the inspirational Maison et Objet interiors show in Paris – postponed once more but hopefully only until March. In the meantime, there’s plenty to interest, inspire and innovate for the year ahead.

So what do we see as new for 2022? Aside from Pantone’s Colour of the Year ‘Very Peri’ – yes it’s a mix of red and blue, that equals purple on my colour wheel – I’ll get back to you on that one…

As we all emerge from this significant period in our lives, one has to believe that we’ve all learnt a lot about ourselves and our homes, and how they need to work for us like they’ve never done before. We’ve always said (and so have our clients) that our work is transformative – as interior designers what we do is life changing, and never before has this resonated in quite the same way. Our home surroundings affect everything that we do – our emotional state, our physical wellbeing, our ability to socialise, our family lives and much more. Having the right space at home is paramount, to streamline and then to transform how we live.

For me, this has a lot to do with enduring appeal. Things need to be made well and not just for the moment; lasting style is timeless. This brings me neatly on to the current buzz word in our industry, ‘sustainability’. Where do our materials and our furnishings come from, who has made them, how far have they travelled? We’ve actually made it our business to seek out and work with local suppliers here in the South West – so whether its joinery, window treatments, or sofas, a ‘Made in Devon’ is a huge plus.

Keeping with the natural and textural, these honest materials continue to appeal and sit harmoniously with this vibe – wool, linen, mohair, wood, and stone – what’s not to love.

Quality and tradition really do win through with all of this in mind. A sense of belonging, of making spaces that mean something to you, of honouring your roots, and dedicating areas to chosen activities , whether Pilates, reading or painting – its time to indulge those interests.

We really don’t need a television in every room – look to create the best cinema room you can, make this the go to viewing experience rather than defining every space with the ubiquitous black box. Make the fireplace, a pair of swivel chairs, or a painting the focus of your interior, not the television!

Our homes need originality and intrigue. Achieve this with three-dimensional artwork. Think beyond the print, a photograph or a painting and use your imagination! Bring together a collection of hats, woven platters, or mirrors – all reinvented, reimagined and re-grouped with fascinating results.

Lets do wallpaper this year – joyous, pictorial patterns that transport one altogether. Plenty of green will help bring the outdoors in, whilst layering soft blues with teals and strong navy complements a coastal setting.

With projects galore both on the go and on the horizon, we are excited for what 2022 has in store for Ashton House Design.

Ashton House
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