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We offer a huge range of interior design services to help take care of your project in the best way possible. Please have a look below.

Space planning

Nearly every project starts with a conversation about rooms, the available space, and what is required by our client. It’s essential to agree on how we set out any area before finishes are considered, whether we’re addressing a single room in a home or an entire spa. Layouts examine circulation, intended use and inform lighting – the essential building blocks to a successful scheme.


Bathroom design

Founded on a thorough understanding of what is possible in this field, and a comprehensive knowledge of bathroom products, we offer a design service that knows no bounds. We combine brochure products with bespoke items to create distinctive spaces, finished with complementary tiles, lighting and accessories.



With the entire world of furniture only one click away, it may be tempting to think that the role of interior designers is somehow diminished. However, it is a great deal more complicated than opening a little black book of supplier addresses. As in every sphere of life there is good, bad and indifferent to identify – then what is appropriate and what complements other elements in any scheme. There is inexpensive, extravagant and value for money to weigh up, alongside relative lead times and issues of reliability. Then it’s ‘just a simple matter’ of suggesting which piece to use! Anyone can do it – can’t they?!


Fine upholstery

Upholstery is an area in which we excel with sources, both local and further afield, called upon to satisfy our exacting standards. Much of our upholstery is designed in-house and manufactured in Devon by skilled craftsmen we’ve known for decades, giving us the flexibility to create pieces wholly tailored in terms of both appearance and comfort criteria. Our upholstery will be future heirlooms, but we also recognise the sentimental value of your existing items and offer a re-upholstery service to give cherished pieces a new lease of life.




Our beautifully presented decorating schedules are documents admired by clients and seized upon by contractors. Paint colours are usually settled once fabric solutions have been agreed, but occasionally we are simply asked to produce a decoration schedule. Hand-painted swatches from all the recommended paint manufacturers allow us to explore colour combinations and subtleties not possible when using paint charts alone.


Window treatments

One of the last elements to be installed, the treatment of windows in a room is often one of the first to be agreed. With criteria that can embrace budget, practicality, exuberance and originality, our clear guidance eases you through the selection process. Be it our hand-sewn curtains, tailored shutters, sliding panels or glazing artwork, we have all the options at our disposal, with skilled fitters to complete the installations.


Lighting design

The results of good lighting design appear effortless – as if a handful of fittings have simply been pressed into service, to good effect. In reality, you can be sure that if it impresses, then a great deal of detailed thought has gone into its planning. With the variety of fittings available never wider, the scope for making a mess of the job is as great as the opportunity to triumph. As you’re unlikely to have the appetite to invite the contractors back, this needs to be a job well done from the outset. Lighting designs should evolve to illuminate and enhance any interior design scheme. Fittings should be chosen not in isolation, but as an intrinsic part of the whole. Lighting design that shows little regard for this connection can often appear detached, with lighting in random positions and styled inappropriately. Taking professional advice on this element of interior design will save costly mistakes and contribute to the coherence crucial to any successful scheme.


Fabrics & Wallcoverings

Our extensive collections are distilled from suppliers across the world, and boast renowned brands alongside lesser-known niche mills and printers. With options extending to fabrics and papers printed for you, to order, there need be no limit to the possibilities. Whilst that can be daunting for some, it’s the stuff of dreams for us, and we delight in narrowing suggestions to manageable selections for our clients, appropriate both in terms of style and budget.


Flooring, Carpets & Rugs

Flooring is one of the fundamental elements in any interior scheme. It can make a statement, recede in the memory, be intensely practical, indulgent – or a mix of all the above! It presents an opportunity not to be missed, so our wide-ranging knowledge of hard and soft flooring, appropriate to different interiors, leaves us ideally placed to advise on this critical decision. As practical artwork, rugs have been employed for centuries the world over. We enjoy relationships with many suppliers, from the UK, Northern Europe and further East – all of whom make rugs to our specifications. This flexibility allows us to use rugs either as the starting point for a scheme, or as the spectacular finishing touch.



Beautiful joinery is pivotal in some interior schemes, so this is an area we’re reluctant to relinquish to others. Our recommendations for joinery embrace visual examples, plan layouts and concept sketches. Detailed workshop drawings are delegated only to those joinery firms we have no hesitation in recommending. Their skills, coupled with our guidance to defend our clients’ interests, guarantee results that always delight.


Spa design

The exacting demands of spa design – seeking to harmonise operational and aesthetic criteria – makes this a really challenging and rewarding sector of our industry, in which we are proficient. These projects call upon all our creativity to build interior havens that stand out, in a rapidly increasing market place.



Though the technical elements of kitchen design are best left to specialists, the look should, most definitely, be regarded as part of the wider interior scheme. With the enduring popularity of more open plan kitchens, the connection to the adjacent spaces in respect of colours, materials and styling, is as important as ever. We guide suppliers and clients alike as layouts, finishes and lighting are finalised, with the resulting kitchens showing all the hallmarks of a successful collaboration.



The Finishing touches

For coherence and consistency of style, we love it when we are invited to assist with the selection and installation of finishing touches. This might call upon our time to oversee the display and hanging of existing artwork after refurbishing, or the selection of artwork itself. We can help with the selection of appropriate bed linen and, of course, soft furnishings in general. We have, in the past, also kitted out entire kitchens and even commissioned a set of crockery from a local potter.

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