Another Dartmoor Home

Restore calm after an attack of the 80s

The brief

Purchased as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of London, this prettiest of properties needed to be rescued from the excesses of a 1980s interior decoration frenzy, in order to create an oasis of calm.

The work

Light bright colour on curtains, coupled with washed-out loose covers on upholstery, proved far more appropriate for this idyllic setting. The floor plan was reconfigured to improve the ‘flow’ from one room to another, the indoor swimming pool was filled in to create a substantial room for entertaining, and no room was neglected in this comprehensive refurbishment.

The result?

The home has been has been re-wired, re-plastered, re-floored and re-decorated, to create a perfectly formed country house with many exceptional features, some of which can be enjoyed here.

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