Ilsington Country House Hotel

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Ilsington Country House Hotel


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The Brief

This famous hotel in the heart of the Dartmoor National Park is renowned for its charm and elegance. Ashton House Design were asked to completely transform their leisure complex.

Ilsington Spa Relaxation Chair
Treatment room view

what we did

The Results

Ilsington Spa Pool

What we did

As soon as you enter, you're aware of assured, calming design. Combining an impressive wall of black bamboo, Asian antiques and a 'tribute' Tibetan prayer wheel. There are vistas and texture in abundance, complementing the splendour of the hotel in Dartmoor's foothills. Subtle lighting and contemporary tiling lead naturally to a state-of-the-art Hydrotherapy Pool. Poolside Steam and Sauna Cabins offer relaxation whilst the signature deluge bucket is bracing enough to awaken the senses. Changing rooms feature lockers with impeccable detailing. Furnishings sourced from individual providers give a depth of design rarely encountered in spas.


The Result

An award winning spa that exudes an atmosphere of total calm and relaxation.

The moment of truth

What did they think?

"We required a complete transformation of the current leisure facilities to provide a unique, high quality Spa which would offer our catchment area with an unrivalled facility. It was important that the project remain in budget, whilst providing the latest finishes, design and technology. We’ve worked with Ashton House Design before with one of the hotel lounges and have also seen their work in another hotel. We are delighted with the finished product, which has attracted universal high praise! From a commercial point of view it has increased the profile of Ilsington and raised revenue both directly in the Spa and indirectly from people dining or staying on the back of the chance to use these stunning facilities. We have currently commissioned AHD to provide us with two additional treatment rooms within the hotel and hope to use them for future projects. We would have no hesitation in recommending AHD to both private individuals and commercial businesses ~ Richard Hassell, Director, Ilsington Country House Hotel"


A closer look

ilsington-spa-chairs-pool-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-pool-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-interior-design llsington-Spa-basket-wall-art Ilsington-Spa-seating-waiting-area Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-sink-and-candles Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-sink-and-candles Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-interior-design ilsington-spa-chairs-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-wall-art Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-pool-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-pool-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-pool-bespoke-interior-design Ilsington-Spa-pool-bespoke-interior-design
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