Reworking Our Homes

With so much uncertainty around us, never before have our homes taken on such importance. We will be asking our homes to be so much more to us – comfortable, safe and relaxing, whilst practical too, doubling up as office, school and more. They need to be ‘superhomes’ that are multifunctional on many levels.

We’re all going to be spending our time at home so there is a need to stand back and reassess.

Every member of the family will now need their own personal space – a place to work or study, a precious corner that feels unique to them.

Start by tidying your study, if you have one. Get home admin in order to make way for a new office. This needs to be a good work from home set up with a sense of order and calm. Be sure to designate a work space – ideally not one end of the dining table, so that you don’t just end up working all the time.

Reinvent a dressing table, a study area, an understairs, a guest bedroom or a landing area. Look to harness a hitherto uncaptured outlook with a neat desk solution for one.

Invest in the best desk chair that you can – you won’t want to be dealing with an uncomfortable back in amongst everything else. Don’t hunch over a computer screen that’s too low. A laptop could just prove to be the culprit of an uncomfortable arrangement. Prop your screen on a stack of great looking volumes – colour coded of course!

Surround yourself with some indoor plants and cut flowers from the garden – good for the air, a natural ambience to help lift one’s spirits and something to care for around the house. Take time out in the garden, nurturing seeds and seedlings, planting vegetables and herb gardens where possible.

With good home working solutions sorted, we will all be spending a good deal more time with our loved ones. Husbands and wives will finally have time to discuss their homes! What better time to identify the shortcomings and how best to address them. Make the list and book in the interior designer for the autumn!

In the short term – put up the table tennis table for all the family to enjoy and clear some useable space in which to exercise – a regular pilates, yoga or fitness class will help preserve the body and soul during these immensely difficult times.

Ashton House
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