To Wallpaper or Not?

Colour does it in an instant – but don’t be too quick to overlook the transformative power of wallpaper.

I’m happy to report that the feature wall is well and truly confined to history – although personally I’m not sure I ever really liked the idea. Why limit a fabulous paper to one wall alone? Far better to use a fabric in this way – as a huge canvas on an oversized headboard or wall hanging for example. The impact of wallpaper however, bold pattern and strong colours should be used on four walls and in numerous rooms throughout the home.

Look at the core of your home – start here with a stunning pictorial paper – a great furnishing tool for entrance halls, stairs and landings – set the tone and work out from here. I don’t think that every room should be papered, proceed with caution! As with so many elements of interior decoration, it’s all about confidence. Confidence with scale, confidence with pattern and confidence with colour. Find ways to pair up a strong paper with other colours and patterns in a room.

Some of our favoured manufacturers allow one to include a ‘canvas’ style of wallpaper – printed as a tall series of panels of up to 3 metres high, they can tell a story and one can easily continue the palette around an entire Interior with a shared plainer/textural background.

Ashton House
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