Top 5 Design Tips for 2019

Our home is our sanctuary, and here in 2019 this has become sacrosanct.  This is less about show and more about our homes delivering a positive impact. To promote our wellbeing, to bring us joy and to help us relax. Our surroundings directly affect how we feel, and as interior designers we feel it our duty to ensure that spaces deliver on many levels.

Distilling the above sentiment down to our ‘Top 5 Design Tips for 2019’ is always going to be challenging, but here goes!

  1. Keep the style honest. Think Scandinavian style but with a touch more plush! Well crafted, great durability, plenty of texture and tactility, cosy underfoot, sink into upholstery, divine beds and bedding, all with a good dollop of colour!

2. Colour it up! Balance mustard, emerald, dusky pink and teal – they’re all hot contenders this year. Not to be confused as a single palette, but certainly to be used with confidence. By flavouring your interior with these warm hues and it will be like bathing a room with a warm sunset.

3. Wallpaper – large scale designs that mimic Ikat fabrics, painterly styles, contemporary artwork or jungle themes. Cover entire elevations or rooms and don’t hold back!

4. Sleep well! Way too much time is spent on our screens. Have you checked your weekly screen time?! We need to reduce this habit by creating indulgent, soothing and quiet bedrooms. Reap the rewards with better rest and quality sleep

5. Bathrooms – bring the Spa experience into your home with bathrooms and shower rooms that deliver on quality and experience. Natural stone, a hint of metallic and some brushed bronze fittings should suffice.

In conclusion….do things properly. There’s no clever shortcut, why should there be! A job done well means that you won’t be going back time and time again. Find the sense of heritage in all of this and invest wisely.

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