Project Variety

Having run our interior design business for some decades now, we continue to work across a variety of projects. We firmly believe that it is this variety that brings about the original and bespoke interiors that Ashton House Design continue to create for their loyal clients.

Commercial Sense

This multi-disciplinarian approach particularly resonates within the interior design that we carry out for commercial and leisure properties. There’s so much to consider when designing in this sector. For the owner, commissioning this work, this needs to be commercially viable – an environment that will increase sales and attract repeat customers. You will know your business inside out and what works for you, but that doesn’t make you an interior designer!

A Great Investment

Considered interior design offers a superb return on investment. Inspiring spaces energise your customers, turn them into your ambassadors and reassure them that they are in the hands of professionals. We all like being associated with a success story – it’s human nature.

Brand Experience

Successful companies embrace the idea that branding and user experience needs to be considered across all communication – interior design should be at the very heart of this thinking, after all, it’s the space where your customers will actually experience your brand.

The look, feel and atmosphere of your business should reflect and promote your company ethos. Our environment is everything to our human experience – get it right and you’re onto a winning formula.

Maintaining A Great Team

Not only will an award winning interior attract the customers you desire, crucially this will help you to retain great people. Let’s face it, without a strong team running the show, we’re doomed!

Spa Design

Here at Ashton House Design, we’re causing a bit of a stir with our award winning Spa designs. The exacting demands of spa design – seeking to harmonise operational and aesthetic criteria – makes this a really challenging and rewarding sector of our industry, in which we are proficient. These projects call upon all of our creativity to create interior havens that stand out in a rapidly increasing marketplace.


On a positive note, everyone will now be looking to holiday in the UK so there’s a great opportunity for fine tuning and investing in our establishments.

So whether it’s a spa, hotel, pub, restaurant, nail bar, dental surgery or holiday let – we’ve turned our interior designing hands to them all and would love to help guide your commercial fortunes in the future.

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Q: We’re thinking of updating our hotel, do I need to engage the services of a commercial interior designer?

A: Do not be constrained by an interior designer that only operates in one field alone – multi discipline practices will undoubtedly bring original solutions that are never formulaic. We’ve never liked the idea of having all our eggs in one basket! The world of interior design doesn’t fit into neat boxes – our environments all blend and lend ideas from one to the next.

Q: My home needs some help but I’ve never used an interior designer before?

A: We do hear this quite often. Our services can be tailored to suit any size of home, a particular room or even a straight forward decorating schedule. Provided we all discuss a budget from the outset, then we are able to find a solution that is bespoke to you.

Q: Is Interior Design essential at this time?

A: People still need to live their lives – families expand, children will leave home, people will relocate, downsize or start working from home. That’s a lot of life changing events and the skills of a professional interior designer are invaluable to help with these.

We can rework spaces, help reorganise chaos, bring about positive change, reinvent existing furnishings and breathe new life into almost any space.

We are the ultimate problem solvers with aesthetic credentials, our solutions are life changing.

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